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How is biography defined in literature?
Literary biography is said to be a book "of life of the person and work" the term defined as "a narrative of the life and destiny of an individual". In various languages biography is called biografia coming from the Greek words ‘bios’ meaning 'life' and ‘grapher’ meaning to 'write'.


Biographies of Greeks from hellenic times have not survived, but in the 1st and 2nd century AD many biographies of Greeks and Romans were written. The best known biographies of this time come from the Greek author Plutarch (46-120) and are called the original Biol paralleloi or parallel or similar biographies. In the biographies 23 pairs of Greek and Roman men are compared to each other. The Plútararch biographies are known because  Shakespeare used a 16th century English translation of them as a source for his plays that dealt with Roman material.


Memoir is a genre which tells a true story of an individual or individuals. Generally, the term does not apply to novels, even though it has been the concept of autobiographical fiction of biographies that are on the border between fiction and autobiographical.. Biography is usually a deeper analysis of the character traits and often based on experiences and unlike diaries usually discusses time that is long gone.When the author himself is the protagonist of biographical talk we talk about self biographies or memoirs.

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