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Q: What kind of a store is Bookstore in America?


A: Bookstore In America is a webstore which contains links to other web sites, operated by other companies with which Bookstore in America has a business relationship



Q:  Is Bookstore in America responsible if something goes wrong with the product that I have bought through this website?


A: Bookstore in America is not responsible for the contents or availability of any product which is not owned or directly controlled by Bookstore in America and does not endorse and is not responsible in any way for any content, advertising, products, services or other materials on or available at, from or through such sites.


Q: Who sets the rules for my use of the Bookstore in America affiliate's site?


A: The rules are  set forth by the company's site you visit from this site. In the event there is a discrepancy between the  conditions of this site and the one you visit the terms and conditions of the final seller rule.


Q: How do I order a product that I want to buy?


A: You order from the site that you go to from this site.


Q: Who handles payment and shipping

of products that I buy through Bookstore in America's site?


A: Payment and shipping is entirely handled by the site you buy from. The same is true for returning of a product and refunding.

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